Our team of experienced staff provide grief-informed educational workshops for school personnel and caregivers who want to understand and connect with grieving children and youth.

The goal is to partner with regional Independent School Districts (ISD) to better equip school staff and caregivers with grief-informed knowledge, skills, and resources to support the social-emotional, and behavioral-academic improvement of their students and youth.

Each workshop is one hour long and delivered by an expert staff member from the CGC over three consecutive weeks. Options to deliver the workshops in person or virtual are available based on the ISD’s needs.

Part 1

  • Understand grief reactions and how to respond
  • Recognize developmental differences with grief

Part 2

  • Identify loss reminders
  • Learn coping skills that support grieving youth at home and in school

Part 3

  • Review methods to support emotional regulation for grieving children
  • Learn when to seek additional support and resources for your student or family.

To find out more information on our availability and how to partner, please contact:

Luisa Delgado, Program Coordinator

Call: 915-532-6004