CGC individual grief therapy sessions are offered both in person and virtually by licensed mental health professionals.

There is an adjusted fee for therapy based on household size and income.

A one-time comprehensive grief assessment needs to be completed to initiate services. This is conducted by a licensed mental health professional in Texas.

This assessment helps our team understand how grief is uniquely impacting each member of the family. We utilize this information to make recommendations for youth and families to be considered for our grief therapy program or to connect families with services in the community.

Multidimensional Grief Therapy and Trauma and Grief Component Therapy are two examples of evidenced-based interventions used to target grief reactions, symptoms and to build or strengthen coping skills.

Counseling sessions are available for children, youth and young adults experiencing the death of a significant person. Grief impacts all facets of life, the emotional, physical, social, behavioral, thoughts and beliefs of a person. Through our counseling services, we strive to provide a safe place to explore and process the challenges related to loss.

Telehealth is available for youth ages 13 to 25.

In-person sessions are available for ages 5 to 25.

Speak with one of our team members to find the best option for your family and to schedule your assessment.

Luisa Delgado, Program Coordinator

Call: 915-532-6004


If you are interested in our grief therapy, please complete the interest form linked below. It asks for your contact information and the services you would like to learn more about at the Center.

We will contact you within 72 hours of your inquiry.